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Re: Boost switch for hot water

I had mine put in in March specifically to get my broken boost button working again (as I been told by AGL that moving to a digital meter was the only way they would fix a broken boost) but when the electrician was installing the digital meter he specifically told me that they are under instructions to disconnect the boost button feature on every installation!
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Comparing Plans

Hi. I have moved home with AGL and need to select one of the two AGL plans on offer to me. When I compare both of those plans on www.energymadeeasy.gov.au your 'AGL Everyday New South Wales residential electricity market offer - AGL367088MR' is significantly cheaper than the alternative, even though the headline discount is 14% compared to 22% (on the alternative 'Saver' plan). Can you confirm this please. I tried to do it via chat using my last 3 bills but they couldn't help me.
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