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Re: I can't create a password to my online account!

Yup. It took 3 weeks, over 12 hours talking to different agents through AGL website, Facebook, Community page just to create a password and now nothing works in the manage account page. Every time I click on Manage Account > Contact details, etc the links don't work. Throws error "We're working hard to build the new My Account. The page isn't quite ready..."I don't care about the new account... what good is it if current system don't work?! Worse experience ever. Wonder how many more weeks/mont ...
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one5tar Switched-on

I can't create a password to my online account!

Complaint in reference to 1446385470 It's been 3 weeks now and I still can't set up a password. Do I need to wait for another few months just to setup a password?! This is not rocket science... I need this escalated and resolved immediately!
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