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AGL Electricity Bill query Acct #49332240

Hello, After looking at my PDF (1) I find it extraordinary after months of sunshine captured on my solar panels showing a pathetic result in your bill and (2)my age pension discount not showing up....I am wondering if there isn't a mistake. I will not be paying this bill until these details are investigated. The responsibility for me to pay ontime will have to become your responsibility if you take too long. I almost always pay on time...9 out of 10 times.
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Notifying AGL of switching providers

MY gas and electricity account is XXXX. My name is XXXX at XXXX. I sent an email(3 Aug 2017) to your company giving my 20 business day notice that I am switching providers. The reply came today with no direct acknowledgment of my notification. I am quite willing to send you my email and the reply as an attachment.(How would I do this?) I was not impressed. The email was sent by Jayden (A127518). He simply said the switch usually comes at the end of a 3 month billing cycle. This was not stipulate ...
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