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Re: High cost of electricity

It was revealed this week that families and businesses across Australia are paying $12 billion more every year on their energy and gas bills than they should.The ACCC has today said that these price hikes are hitting families and the Turnbull Government should invest in new baseload power stations to lower the cost of living. We know the answer to lower power prices and easing the cost of living for families. The construction of 21st century high efficiency, low emissions (HELE) coal fired pow ...
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High cost of electricity

This is absolutely unbelievable and frightening. We have access to nuclear power, which if used we could have the cheapest electricity bills in the world!The Government instead is closing down all coal fired generators and exporting the coal to China and India. Both of them are the biggest producers of air pollutants! In the world. And we Australian people have to suffer from our stupid government! Having us the Australian people to pay for the highest power bills in the worldBecause of the tree ...
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