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Re: May 2020 - Would AGL source LNG from shale gas wells in USA?

Hi @cribpoint123, Thank you for your question. We have previously discussed the question of international fracked gas here. Most of the gas produced in the world still comes from traditional sources, not fracking or shale gas. We are most likely to buy gas internationally from these sources such as from Qatar and Africa because it is the same sort of gas that we use in Victoria which relies on the, now declining, traditional gas reserves in Bass Strait. Port Adelaide in South Australia was ...
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Re: Westernport and RAMSAR

Hi @Bob-W Thank you for taking the time to post and very sorry about the delay in responding. We missed your message when it moved over into this forum. We are sorry to hear you do not feel like we are effectively undertaking community consultation. We have tried to acknowledge the validity of the local concerns and are well aware they exist. We have held more than 60 public consultation meetings in the local community since 2017 when we first announced the proposed project. We have also ...
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Re: Westernport Gas import terminal

Hi @VivienneS Thank you for your post. We fully recognise your concerns, particularly the strongly held views about the unique environmental significance of Western Port Bay. We agree it is an environmentally sensitive area and are committed to undergoing all the reviews necessary to ensure the proposed project will be safe and environmentally responsible. We are very sorry to hear you are unsure whether you can remain a customer at AGL. Meeting the expectations of the community is a prio ...
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Re: Discharge ports, meters per second, cubic meters per second.

Hi @RobH1, You are right not everyone at our community sessions knows every answer to every issue, we are not marine experts and the studies are ongoing. Marine studies for the Environment Effects Statement are being assessed by technical experts external to AGL. Unfortunately, the only people who can answer your detailed marine questions are those who were at the sessions at the above mentioned times. If you are interested, CEE, the technical experts working on the marine data, could meet w ...
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