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Re: I thought AGL was on the cutting edge of renewables?

AGL is not on the cutting edge of renewables at all, pity. About the statement "It has been scientifically proven that wetlands sequester 40 times more carbon than than even rainforests do..." This is basically why: Conservation and Restoration Protects coasts from storms and some pollution and storing blue carbon when the ecosystems are intact. Blue carbon is the carbon stored in coastal and marine ecosystems eg mangroves,tidal marshes and seagrasses. These eosystems, sequester ...
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Why is AGL proposing to build a new gas terminal in a RAMSAR wetland?

Westernport Bay is recognised under the Ramsar Convention as it is an internationally listed ecosystem, with a unique tidal bay and fragile wetland. Whales call near there on their journeys. Swift parrots are also threatened species and take sanctuary at Westernport wetlands. The coastal saltmarshes and migratory birds are indeed spectacular, so why ruin it for species and the environment? Visitors sometimes see dolphins, seals, echidnas, little penguins, brown bandicoots, black swans, far l ...
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