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Re: Regasification plant

Excellent, thanks for posting, it goes to show that AGL and Origin especially are lying to us, telling us they are moving towards renewable energy yet still supporting the whole ripping off system that is in place to make shareholders richer. When will it stop? We have seen the promises from the Government to bring prices down and yet nothing has been done, why? Because they are supporting those that support them, two way street, nothing for the many tax payers who are struggling more and more e ...
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Re: Gas supply gap

What I probably should have asked is why do we need to buy gas from overseas when we can get it from an Australian source? Surely it is more cost effective and more environmentally friendly to get it locally than ship it from thousands of miles away?
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Re: Risking creating a stranded asset?

Why does AGL not have access to the gas from Queensland and W.A.? Yes there are no pipelines but why does AGL want to import from overseas instead of from QLD and WA?
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Re: Gas prices

Prices would most likely go up if they keep exporting gas from Queensland overseas and then having to buy it back to import to Victoria?Why does not AGL buy it from Queensland and ship it to Victoria?
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