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Westernport and RAMSAR

In discussions with my neighbors on the Peninsula I have yet to find one that thinks your Crib Point proposal is credible, destructive and to be opposed by all. While your fig lead of public consultation looks like a real effort to engage our community it is a screen which you sit behind while continuing to ignore real and valid concerns.Your proposed injection of massive amounts of chlorine into the bay will do permanent damage to the sea life and eventually the people inland. For what? Corpora ...
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Re: Westernport bay our Ramsar Listed Wetland

Not only for the residents of the Mornington Peninsula but planet wide this proposal is very bad indeed. I have written to the Victorian Planning Minister and received an answer that included the requirements for AGL to meet environmental guidelines and given what is publically known about this project the company will not be able to meet them. In a rapidly changing world this project is last century and has no place in this time.
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