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Re: I thought AGL was on the cutting edge of renewables?

Its pretty obvious they make smoke and play mirrors-smoke from burning hydrocarbons and mirrors to deceive and deflect.This project is really GROSS in its abuse of critically endangered and valuable ecosystems and disrespect for future generations.This is what the kids march against climate were asking us to STOP!!!
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Westernport has unique RAMSAR listed wetlands, seagrasses and mangroves which support fragile ecologies where rare wading birds and marine life breed. Is AGL aware of the critical importance of mangroves and zostra and other seagrasses as fish nurseries and sequesters of CO2? The Crib Point strand of mangroves represents some of the most southern extents of mangroves in the world.Are any mangroves to be removed?What are the consequences of types of spills possible from this operation on delicat ...
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