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Smart meter

We have been with AGL for over 20 years now and we have solar panels installed we received a letter in August 2016 saying they would upgrade our old meter to a new smart meter for free before December 31 2016. I called them in January 2017 as we never received it they said another month or two . In March I received a letter saying a representative from AGL had been to our property and said it was a multi dwelling so we do not qualify for the free meter upgrade, this is not true I called AGL an ...
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Re: Digital Net meter upgrade

We have 20 years with AGL and have exactly the same issue. We have Solar panels as well so without a smart meter we are losing money because all of the solar energy we make goes straight to the Grid at 11 cents then we buy it back at 32 cents per k/w. If a Smart Meter was installed our home would use the solar energy made first and only sending unused solar energy to the grid. Totally unacceptable behaviour from AGL with electricity prices on the rise all AGL will give you is excuses and no fix ...
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