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Re: Ripple frequency noise filter

I used to experience this in my old house with an old meter. I tell you what I'd prefer that sound to the near constant humming I get now in my new house with a smart meter. I'm lucky it doesn't wake me but when I am awake at night it's unsettling and the sense of stillness when it pauses for 5 mins is so calming...then it starts again 
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Humming noise from meter

I'm wondering if smart meters emit a humming noise? Non stop I hear an intermittent humming in the room where my electricity box is located outside. It happens to be my bedroom. It's quite disturbing and when it stops for about 5mins at a time, you really notice the stillness...and then it starts up again. I can't think that this noise would be from anything else. This is my first home with a smart meter. I've never experienced this humming before. I'd love to hear some feedback
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