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Re: AGL account was closed as requested

Thanks Jayden, It takes my a week to find out it is with Alinta. Not sure about the process of switching as they confirmed I am not the account owner but my meterID is linked. Could you please switch it back to AGL? Also, who is responsible for the usage in that period with Alinta? If the amount is small, it is fine but if not, I would be so frustrated as this is not my fault. I would be happy if there is any compensation for this issue. Cheers,MqPat
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AGL account was closed as requested

Hi, I felt surprised when I received an mail that my account was closed as requested. I didn't talk any energy provider to switch my gas or contact AGL to close my account. I am worried my personal information was leaked in AGL that anyone could change anything in my account. I still have gas now but I don't know who is my new retailer. Contacting AGL this morning and they confirmed the gas service was transferred to a new provided but they could not provide any details about who requested for t ...
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