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Re: SMART METERS to Support Solar Installations

Hi Liam, thanks for your reply though it didn't provide the specific information i requested. I have called the solar support call centre many times and couldn't get the answers specific to my query. It is difficult to understand why you couldn't recognize the location pertaining to my query. My AGL login account is through my utility accounts. Anyways My property is in NSW 2160. The local distributors are ENDEAVOUR ENERGY.I need to know written procedure in getting my existing meters replaced ...
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SMART METERS to Support Solar Installations

I am in the process of initiating roof top Solar system installation for my property. Eventually i would need to replace our existing meters replaced with smart meters. The quotations i received does not include meter upgrade or co-ordination with the energy retailers. They insist i have to contact my retailers for meters upgrade. Tel calls to AGL helplines are not providing clarity of the process. I need to know the following. 1. Am I eligible to lodge a meter upgrade application myself?2. Can ...
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