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Re: solar command

I think the moderators answer is wrong. The new version of AGL IQ does not show any solar generation details .@CatherineG wrote:Hi @hanosi. I will need to refer this question to our solar team to find out more information regarding the Solar Command at no extra cost. Can you please send me a private message with your account details and I will be able to investigate this. You can monitor your energy usage and generation via our AGL IQ page, if you have not done so already you can register your ...
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Re: Online account usage doesn't show solar

Hi...I am really disappointed too that the "improved " ( ????) AGL IQ now no longer allows you to check your solar generation. Also, there is now no way you can check your usage by hour/day/and overlaying the outside temperature.. There is no download facility, and any usage is only available for the past 14 days....... I have a sneaking suspicion that AGL wants you to join their new solar monitoring system at a cost of $ 15 per month in order to get access to your solar engergy/usage/generation ...
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