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5 months long waiting for gas bill issue to be resolved

Hi, I started to have this gas bill issue since Oct, for my third bill with AGL My first two bills were around 100$ each, and suddenly I was charged for more than 350$ It was very difficult for me to have photos of meter reads, because I have to arrange with building committee at my place to open the meter room. It actually took several of my annual leaves. It has been countless times I talked to AGL and have them confirmed they have my meter reads many many times, and several annual leaves spen ...
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Re: Gas bill too high

Same issue here, checked my gas bill today and find out I have been charged TRIPLE, for using the same thing the last 9 months, same thing everyday. I'm responsible for the increase in electricity bill, which has an increase of 50$, due to using heater for living room area, and that's it! We even paid for a good Eco-Panel Heater 400w (200$) and it should do the job 6 hrs evening heating everyday for less than extra 52cent extra, per day.But nothing changes in the way of using gas! just the bill ...
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