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Re: Smart meter not so smart (drawing when all electricity is off)

@jaydeny wrote: Hi NickSETo, Thanks for getting in touch! What time of day is this power being drawn? If it's very early in the morning, then do you have a storage hot water system by any chance? Kind regards, JaydenHi Jayden, AGL IQ suggests it's a constant 1.1 kw/h consumption during non-daylight hrs. Our hot water is gas and the system is switched off, our pool, all A/C and all other lights are switched off and the house is completely empty. Standing outside and watching the smart meter upd ...
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Smart meter not so smart (drawing when all electricity is off)

I just joined AGL 2 weeks ago, and aside from 4 separate issues, all is good now  My AGL IQ shows that I'm drawing 10 kWh a day from the grid but my house is completely empty and i've not moved in yet, I've shut off all power points and other supply to hot water, air-con, pool etc. The usage is almost exactly the same each day, +/- less than 1kWh. Is my meter faulty? AGL online chat said they have "reset the meter and I need to wait 72hrs before checking back". Any advice?
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