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Re: Smart meter installed when AGL was told not to

It's underway now, but it's crazy that it is going to take 20 business days just to have the case reviewed!WTH?!Given that this is 100% AGL's fault, it should be dealt with as a priority matter. Someone at AGL needs to get on the phone and start asking questions to get this sorted ASAP!
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Chad Switched-on

Smart meter installed when AGL was told not to

I would like to know why a smart meter was installed after I gave sufficient explicit notice to AGL to not install the meter? I phoned AGL on Saturday to find out that my request to decline the upgrade was received, reviewed, and approved. But yet the contractor was never notified to cancel the servicing at my address. Next step (battle) will be to get the smart meter removed and reverted back to an equivalent of what I had (since the original will be long gone by now).I find it completely unacc ...
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