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Re: Digital electricity meter - estimated reading??

Hi. Shell_l_d, Further to my previous post I hope the following may help. On advice from AGL I sent a photo of my electricity meter via email to customerreads@agl.com.au to determine if it was possible for me to read usage. Customer reads replied saying it was a Manually Read Interval Meter. I understand that this type of meter can only be read by a meter reader every 3 months. Since joining AGL I had been on monthly billing with estimated readings. My options were to find another energy provide ...
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Re: Digital electricity meter - estimated reading??

I would like to self read my electricity meter, however, get a message on the agl web page that "Smart meter read taken automatically ". Is there some way I can submit my own readings as estimated daily usage values to date have been 2 to 4 times greater than I have experiened from my previous provider during the past few years. Fe
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