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Re: Daily Supply Charge

Hi Jayden, thanks for the replyPlease see my final Origin Bill. 40MJ use daily with a daily cost of $2.33 (includes 8% discount)Please see my first AGL Bill. 35MJ use daily with a cost of $2.37 (includes 22% discount).So in reality if you do the numbers AGL is actually costing me 10% more due to the higher cost of daily supply charge. .69c Origin & $1.11 AGL. The quoted below .768 was the amount quoted over the phone with AGL.So the actual marketing of 22% discount is just that?Also I signed ...
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Daily Supply Charge

Good Morning, I recently changed over to AGL with a discounted offer on Gas and Electricity from Origin. This is my first bill.I note that the daily supply charge is $1.11 per day. I was only paying $0.698 with Origin. Therefor with AGL larger discount than Origin I am actually now paying more due to the High supply charge. Going onto your website and looking at plans it is stated that AGL supply charge is 0.768 so I am unsure what is happening??? Could you take the time to explain to me?
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