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Re: Chasing AGL for 4 months but getting no connections; is there anyone who can help

Hi Alam,read my post re the same problem.In my case, when Multinet did eventually come they provided evidence that AGL took 8 weeks to ask them for a quote to complete the instalation!I got gas to my property the week before Christmas- still no meter, and no gas. They are killing a small business!They do not care!regardsRae
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Slow connection

Just wondering how many people have been left in the lurch with a new connection? I applied for a gas connection early September last year. AGL took 8 weeks to ask their own contractor to quote for the job. The lead in to the property(9 meters) was done the week before Christmas. The rectification work was done mid January.I was promised a meter in 3-5 days 10 days ago.I still have no meter!My small business cannot open as a result, but I am paying rental on the premises for 6 months whilst AGL ...
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