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Re: Smart meter not updating data

Solved.Meter now updating and can be read by me.RegardsTricky
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Re: Smart meter not updating data

OK, so after finally AGL admitting that my smart meter not scrolling and showing power consumed and exported is an AGL problem and promising to investigate, no such thing has happened.My quarterly bill has since arrived and has been paid promptly by myself.The bill I have just received is an estimated bill, which stands to reason, as the meter is obviously not reading or transmitting to the meter reader.I wait patiently for someone from the AGL Digital Metering Team to call and arrange a mutual ...
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Smart meter not updating data

My Smart Meter, EDMI Atlas Mk 7A Serial # 700057157, has ceased to scroll when I press the scroll button.It only seems to display the time and refuses to scroll through power used and export etc.I normally check this once a week and noticed the scroll function not working last week.I have spoken to AGL and had advise to contact SA Power Network.After speaking to SA Power Network I have been advised that this is AGL's responsibility.Can I have someone from AGL to have a meter inspection to ascert ...
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