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Re: AGL Smart Meter Debacle

So I went the moderator route.... Basically no help real help their either. No team in the area but I have been put on a priority list. No explanations about to the Debacle. Just that the Debacle continues. (this interface now complains about invalid HTML, so have to keep text all in one paragraph)
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David Switched-on

AGL Smart Meter Debacle

4 weeks ago I began an adventure. I picked up my mail and there was a card saying AGL was unable to install a meter and asked me to please call 13... 24/7. Odd, what meter I thought. But I called and was informed that the person I needed to speak to was only availble during the day. Your card says 24/7? Oh I'll create a job so they will call you in 24 - 48 hours.Next day someone calls. They can't help me but 4 transfers latter, re-explaining and re-explaining... (and one of those transfers was ...
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