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Re: Time taken to change meter

What an absolute rip off. That's why they need to change the meter...so your bill won't drop! I would be contacting the ombudsman for that! I will wait, wait, wait & see what happens with mine. If I am not happy with it I will become a serial pest to them. Now I've retired I have the time, and maybe get my moneys worth that way.
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Time taken to change meter

I have had Solar panels installed for 5 weeks now, and have just been told by AGL that it will take another 3 weeks before my meter is changed. That means for 2 months I have to pay the full price for electricity, while the solar panels are sitting uselessly on top of my roof. Not Fair or Right! AGL is quick to get someone out here if they think they are losing out, but don't feel the same when the opposite is happening!
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