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Re: Very high electricity bill

what was the end result for this because I am furious about my bill. we are two adults as well but mine is $450!!!!!!! gone up by $100 and I thought that was a rip off. I'm wanting to fight it because its a joke. I'm taking mine to ombudsman
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My bill

I just received my bill and it is an absolute joke! we are a family of two adults and an infant (so basically the child doesn't even count yet!)my bill is a whopping $450.10 and if paid early, discounted to $403.32 what the actual F#@Kthey cannot be serious in thinking I'm willing to pay this. every single time I get a bill it goes up by about $100. me and my partner are never home at the same time so its basically one person in the house at a time and we do not use this much. its due in two wee ...
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