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No bill where is it

Gas meter read 2 weeks ago still no bill online. Need to know what amount owing now as electricity meter read 4 days ago and I don't want to receive both bills at the same time.. Aged pensioner needing to set proper budget. The bills were staggered that way so I pay gas on 1 pension payment and electricity on the next pension payment. Common sense not rocket science. Peter
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Jersey Switched-on

Billing frequency Quarterly.

New to AGL.1. Set up Gas and Electricity plan.2. Consultant says 3 monthly billing.3.Paperwork on Gas and Electricity plans say Billing frequency Quarterly.4.Both electricity and gas bills arrive in 1 month.5.Explanation out of sync with 3 monthly, its about both meter reads and anything else that might sound plausible.6.Misleading and false advertising.7.Caused aged pensioner and terminally ill wife a lot of pain as finances arranged around 3 monthly billing.
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