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Re: Just got solar panels but not through AGL

Sorry if I sounded rude with message I was just shocked that that could happen without thinking this doesn't sound right. It wasn't oops your meter had been changed, it was the reason for this error is because your neter has recently been changed and We're sorry the information provided to you was incorrect. It certainly had the usage change so that the first 4000kwh would be at the higher rate, when previously it was the first 975kwh at high the next 732 a bit lower and so on. My knee jerk reac ...
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Just got solar panels but not through AGL

Have just recieved a letter saying oops sorry your meter has been changed and now you will have a bigger bill from us.This happened just as I informed AGL that I now have solar panels not installed by them and would like to have the feed in tariff .Cannot see this electricity plan on any sites and it starts as,First 4000kwh -27.104-gst included.On Energy price sheet first 1000kw at 27.104gst included,then lower for the next 750kw. Please explain how I got a letter that said they have adjusted my ...
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