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Re: Front gate left open

Thanks for your reply Jayden. When I put our postcode in to find the distributor, it came back with "Unfortunately, we are unable to identify your Gas Distributor", giving me options of how to search further, such as looking at the bill. The bill has only AGL on it, including "Useful Information - AGL Anytime". I find it interesting that AGL can sub-contract companies to 'distribute' their gas but don't seem to take responsibility for how these companies act.
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Front gate left open

Last Wednesday my brother was working around the house and noticed someone with a tablet next door taking a reading. When he next came into the front yard one of our front gates had been left open. Having had issues in the past, I immediately thought "AGL gas meter reader" - we'll get a bill shortly. As we have a cat that likes to sleep in the front yard, open gates is something we like to avoid. The bill gas has arrived today. Why is it hard for the meter reader to close the gate? Isn't ...
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