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PPB Switched-on
a week ago

Re: Missing/mis/information

On the 'contact-us' AGL URL page there is an option to "leave a message". clicking on it does not provide any facility to leave a message. On the bottom right of the page there is what I presume is a Chat icon (as that is where most chat icons are) - but I didnt want to engage in a chat - I wanted to leave a message. The icon gives no indication that it is there for messaging. It would be better to actually open up a message window - or at least indicate that the icon is a facility to leave mess ...
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PPB Switched-on
2 weeks ago

Missing/mis/information - Peak Energy Rewards and Messaging

AGL is offering Rewards for energy saving efforts. The information provided is well short of details. $5 saved for one hour - but only $10 for 2-3 hours - what happened to the last hour? information about how much energy (electrical devices) must be turned off to qualify for the 'rewards' is not stated. And apparently, AGL can change the rates at will. This whole package seems to be a genuine attempt to manage energy consumption BUT this package requires much more clarity before anyone should s ...
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