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Re: New gas line

Hi Jayden, I have called AGL and was given answer that the field Crew was given job order on May 3rd; and usually within a week it would be done. However, until now (2nd week is getting completed since that date) no line was installed.Ref number is ‭100100450645‬, any help possible?
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New gas line

My new home was completed, new gas line was booked some 6 weeks ago, talked over phone; was told it will take 20 business days to complete the line, nothing was done. Called after 20 business days- they came up with another explanation that there was another message that the mobile toilet was on the way we got confirmation only on 24th April, need to wait for 20 business day from that date. The site was clear more than 2 months ago, and waiting without any progress.Based on April 10th clearance ...
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