Will APA cancel the Pipeline project if AGL does not proceed with the Gas Import Jetty project?




At AGL/APA community drop-in sessions during 2018, I was told by APA representatives that APA would cancel the Pipeline project if AGL did not proceed to import LNG at Crib Point.


Could you please confirm that this is still the case that APA would cancel their proposed Pipeline project from Crib Point to Pakenham if AGL withdrew their Gas Import Jetty project?


Thank you.

AGL Employee

Hi Cribpoint123,


As the AGL APA Gas Import Jetty and Pipeline Project is currently being assessed jointly under the EES process, should the government not give the green light then the pipeline will not be constructed.


Should AGL gain the necessary approvals from the government and regulatory authorities, yet the AGL Board make the Final Investment Decision to not proceed with the project, it is very unlikely that the pipeline will be constructed.


Again, the AGL Board have not made a Final Investment Decision on whether or not to go ahead with the proposal.

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