Yaringa Marine Park


After I visited the AGL discussion meeting in Hastings I came away with one main point that was disturbing and that is AGL is using figures and tests to water down the impact of the massive damage to the marine environment the Terminal will do.

The first item I noticed is AGL's poster claiming the amount of Litres in the North Arm, which is for the whole of the North arm, but in reality the impact AGL's contaminated water will have is confined to the area in line with and around the terminal which has a tidal flow of North South, so the use of the huge number of litres is very misleading, the number of contaminated litres is confined to the terminal north and south.

The tidal flow does not run east west so any testing in an eastward direction towards the shipping channel {this is what AGL are doing} is a waste of time as the water in question cannot travel in that direction, so why are they going to test it ? Is it the same reason they use all the north arm volume of seawater, to mislead everyone.

AGL claim this

"the extent of cold-water and chlorine toxicity effects are likely to be restricted to an area
approximately 200 m north and south and 60 m east and west of the discharge point in water
depth from approximately 12.5 m to 17 m. This represents an area of approximately 5 ha,
which is less than 0.5 % of the seabed in North Arm1"

This is not misleading this is not a print mistake this is a blatant lie, repeat: a blatant lie, devised by someone in AGL to make you think the water contaminated by the cooling and chlorine is small. What they are not saying is this area is tidal as is all of Westernport and that tide will carry the super chilled toxic chlorinated water a lot further than 200 metres, they also say the contaminated area, {note they agree to contaminated water} will be a mere 0.5% area of the north arm, again a misleading lie to water down the effects this will have. They use the whole of the north arm and in this case only around the terminal, when in fact it is the narrow area but at least 12 klms minimum, north and south of the terminal so it will be a much greater area than what they try to claim. At the AGL meeting they claim it will travel 6klm's !! so they have conflicting figures, when In fact the tide will carry that contaminated water over a 6 hour period into the Ramsar site at Tyabb bank, not good for any marine life including seagrass, but what AGL have not told anyone { I cannot find the words Marine Park anywhere in their publications}, and use a distance of 200 metres, is that this water will enter the Yaringa marine park, 7 nautical miles away, 7 nautical miles is 12.6 klm's. A figure of a 6 hour tide traveling at a average speed of 1.5 knots {2.7klms} is a distance of 9nm {16.2klms} that is an average speed, some tides will be much faster. So you can see the tides will take the super chilled contaminated water into the marine park.

The contaminated cold water will actually travel in the north south direction up to Quail Island from there it will continue to travel in a northerly then north east direction behind Quail Island towards Warneet via Watsons inlet, covering all the mangroves and seagrass, the other flow that will follow the Quail bank contour line will travel across Quail bank and along the edge in a north east direction flooding the whole of Quail Island and then heading east towards Rutherford inlet.

At the meeting and AGL spokesperson said "as each tide travels back and forth the water gets diluted as it moves across the North arm towards Eagle rock". In that statement he has admitted the flow will travel much further than the 200 metres but tried to mislead me. I have fished here for over 50 years and know the tidal flow and what he said will not happen and cannot happen. Observations show anything floating in the water around quail bank travel back and forth in the same area, meaning there is no cross flow that would go anywhere near Eagle rock. The other point I hope helps you understand is this, as the flow of water travels north then north east then east it is like a river bend where the water follows this direction around a bend with the bend being the Middle spit, dividing the north arm from the eastern arm and Quail bank, so that body of water has to follow the contour lines,  what that means is the flow around the top of the middle spit will be at a different speed than the water several nautical miles across on the Quail bank, which means the water cannot move across in a south east direction from Quail bank to Eagle rock.

Now back to the Marine Park. The state government legislated laws to protect the Victorian Marine park with no fishing, no mining no anything including damage accidental or wilful and have very heavy penalties including jail sentences if the law is broken. The question to AGL is how are you going to stop any marine life being affected by this super chilled water and chlorine seawater, the answer is it cannot. To have a water temperature during winter of around 11 deg C in the marine park then a flood of super chilled water of 5 deg C will have a massive effect on all marine life as they could not adapt in such a short time with the end result would be death. The effect of chlorine into a marine park is a great concern, if the increase is minimal then the seawater has changed so will that do any damage to the microscopic life living in the marine park, of course it will.

I keep using the word super chilled water and the reason for that is this, as the tides start to flow and for this purpose we will use an incoming or flood tide, it will vary in speed depending on the moon phase, so on the half moon it will run very fast very quickly after the turn of the tide, on a full or new moon it will be very slow to start the flood. Every 2 weeks the moon phase changes, 1st week full moon, 2nd week half moon, 3rd week new moon and the 4th week half moon.

So on a full moon depending on which month as some months the tide can be exceptional slow, so lets use that as an example. As the tide runs out nearing the bottom of the tide the flow slows and on these tides about 2 hours before the change, it will slow to almost a stop about an hour before the change, the problem with this is the seawater is slowly passing the suction pumps and being pumped into the terminal heating the liquid gas and therefore cooling the water by around 7deg C. When the tide is flowing at this speed of around 0.2 of a knot this is where it gets super chilled. We have an area of lets use AGL's very small distance of 200m from the terminal, the tide stops, the water that has been pumped out is at a stand still on the tide change which can last up to an hour or more, the intake is now pumping in water that has already been chilled and is now being chilled again and again taking the temperature down and increasing the amount of super chilled water. As the tide slowly starts to flood that same chilled water is chilled again. Where does this water go when the tide starts running in, north into the Marine park.

The other part of Westernport that has not had any discussion except from a mussel farmer at Flinders is the water has to have a dramatic effect on the marine life from sandy point to Flinders. The same super chilled chlorinated water will travel south as per the marine park but in a opposite direction, this water travels to Sandy point where is is travelling south, then turns around the bend and heads west. This water finds its way inside the middle bank and the mainland, this area is very shallow, the tide can run very fast in this area. The area is shallow with the deepest about 9 metres but most is 5 metres, the sea bed is sea grass with an enormous number of marine life species, all which could not withstand such a dramatic change in the environment. The Mussel farms off flinders would be badly affected with possibility of not producing any mussels.

I would like AGL to respond to what I have written, explain how you will 100% guarantee not one form of marine life will not be harmed in any way within the marine park and if you do can you provide us with the names of the volunteers that will put their hand up to go to jail and take one for the team ?