I just wish you would invest the money and resources you have allocated for this dreadful gas import system to a renewable source of energy and supply the general public with an alternate energy source that does not pollute. Is this not your company's business, to supply energy? Why not make investment into renewable, non polluting, environmentally sensitive systems - it is going to have to  be done or not even your profits will be of use to you to anyone if we have no environment to support life.

Your proposed plan for Westernport is so environmentally insensitive because:

- likely significant impacts on Westernport Bay marine life, flora, fauna and mangroves due to the Gas Import Jetty project

- degradation of marine environment due to water induction and expulsion required for your cooling system

- the polluting nature of ship's emissions

- potential risks to the health, well-being and safety of Crib Point residents due to storage of LNG near residential area

- likely significant impacts on international migratory species including birds and whales around Westernport Bay

- potential impacts of the Pipeline properties including future valuations

- removal of numerous established trees in and around Hastings and life disruption during Pipeline construction - you will basically be digging up the town

- loss of over 4ha of protected habitat in Warringine Park due to 30 metre construction easement from Crib Point to Pakenham

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