A response needed from AGL over environmental impact already known from proposed gas port...


An AGL representative admitted on ABC news that there would be some environmental impact on the proposed gas plan. The representative went so far as to admit that "...Crib Point are taking one for the team...".  This arrogant admission by AGL's own representative of the impact on our environment needs full explanation.  It is obvious from this comment, AGL are already aware of the impact of their proposed actions. 

In our lifetime one would like to think companies would start putting the environmental impact of their decisions ahead of dollars.  Future generations have the right to enjoy what our generation has.  We have already made so many disastrous decisions which have dire consequences for the future of our planet, it is time to STOP.  THINK EARTH OVER DOLLARS.  

AGL show you can be a responsible leader.  You have already admitted there will be consequences should your proposal go ahead.  Be one of the first companies to stand down, listen to the people, and do what you know is right. And admit here what impact you are already aware of.