AGL Employee

Hi @KerryRainer,


Thank you for your post and apologies for the delay. The change in timing has kept us busy.


Now we have selected the Hoegh Esperanza, we will be able to assess more accurately the maximum discharge capacity of the regasification process and system it uses. However, we expect it to be in the same range.


The ship is only expected to run at maximum capacity on extreme gas demand days in winter. We are working on more information about the capacity for the rest of the time as part of the EES material e.g.; low demand days in Spring/Autumn and very low or no demand days in Summer which will impact the volumes of water used.


The Esperanza already has closed loop capabilities inbuilt whereas the Giant was going to require modification in order to implement the closed loop system. However, we would have ensured either ship had the capacity to run closed loop and open loop regasification.


Apart from this, the Esperanza and the Giant have almost identical configurations. This includes the same length, the same width and the same depth. They are considered ‘sister ships’, built in the same shipyard.