APA Employee

Hi Kerry,


APA has changed the proposed pipeline alignment along Hastings to utilise the rail corridor instead of Frankston-Flinders Road. The alignment change in Hastings was made as a result of consultation with business owners, Mornington Peninsula Council and VicRoads. We understand that Hastings is an important business and community hub and the change of pipeline alignment will minimise impacts to traffic flow in and out of Hastings during construction. It means that the pipe can be constructed using Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) with minimal disruption to business activity.


The impacts that will be minimised due to this change include:

  • Constraints on traffic access
  • Reduced car parking
  • Dust, noise and amenity changes


If you have further questions or concerns, you’re welcome to call the APA project hotline on 1800 531 811.

Madeline, Community Engagement Advisor, APA Group