Thank you for your reply although you seem to have overlooked one important question I posed which was " What effect does a spill/leak of odorant chemicals have upon soil and water?"


I followed your link and read the safety data sheet 

Odorant injection package – Crib point to Pakenham pipeline project Controlled Document

Product Name: Spotleak 1005 Reference No: ICE000102 Issued: 2016-06-06 Version: 1.3

 Aside from the recent revision of Change in Accidental Release measures, is this the latest safety data sheet prepared for your proposal by Chemical Data Services Pty Ltd as the research it is based on is from or before 2016?

" 16. OTHER INFORMATION Reasons for issue: Revised Change in Accidental Release Measures This Safety Data Sheet has been prepared by Chemical Data Services Pty Ltd on behalf of its client. Safety Data Sheets are updated frequently. Please ensure that you have a current copy. This information was prepared in good faith from the best information available at the time of issue. It is based on the present level of research and to this extent we believe it is accurate. However, no guarantee of accuracy is made or implied and since conditions of use are beyond our control, all information relevant to usage is offered without warranty. The manufacturer will not be held responsible for any unauthorised use of this information or for any modified or altered versions. If clarification or further information is needed to ensure that an appropriate assessment can be made, the user should contact this company. Our responsibility for product as sold is subject to our standard terms and conditions, a copy of which is sent to our customers and is also available upon request."


Point 12 of the Safety Data sheet exacerbates my concerns and the need for my unanswered question to be answered.


  1. ECOLOGICAL INFORMATION Avoid contaminating waterways. Acute aquatic hazard: This material has been classified as a Category Acute 3 Hazard. Acute toxicity estimate (based on ingredients): 10 - 100 mg/L Long-term aquatic hazard: This material has been classified as a Category Chronic 2 Hazard. Non-rapidly or rapidly degradable substance for which there are adequate chronic toxicity data available OR in the absence of chronic toxicity data, Acute toxicity estimate (based on ingredients): 1 - 10 mg/L, where the substance is not rapidly degradable and/or BCF ≥ 500 and/or log Kow ≥ 4. Ecotoxicity: No information available. Persistence and degradability: No information available. Bioaccumulative potential: No information available. Mobility: No information available."


This material is classified as a Marine Pollutant (P) according to the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code.