effects on greenhouse gas emissions, Ramsar


thank you for providing the opportunity for public input. 

I am very concerned about the following: 

Firstly, can AGL guarantee there will be no damage to the Ramsar-listed wetlands of Westernport Bay? Given that Victoria is already a net exporter of gas, I struggle to comprehend the logic of another gas proposal, particularly one that could involve precious wetland destruction. 

Secondly, Australia is committed under the Paris Agreement to reducing greenhouse gas emissions with an aim of keeping global warming within 2 degrees (ideally 1.5). Given Australia's commitments, and following the IPCC report of 2018 which made abundantly clear the urgent need to transition away from fossil fuels within the next decade if we are to have a hope of achieving the Paris objective, could you please explain how establishing how a gas import terminal (which would significantly increase Victoria's consumption of gas), is consistent with Paris? What efforts has AGL made to produce alternative plans that prioritise renewable energy infrastructure? 
Thanks very much.