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Let me be clear about the amount, it is not 145 million litres. When operating at full capacity, the Floating Storage and Regassification Unit (FSRU) will actually require 450,000,000 L/day of seawater. It is only anticipated that the facility would run at this maximum for possibly 4-6 days per year, during extreme demand days in winter.


The rest of the time it will either be using 300,000,000 L/day (high demand days in winter), 150,000,000 L/Day (low demand days in Spring and Autumn) or not at all – there is currently only one ship scheduled to make a delivery in summer. However, all our assessments must be based on worst case scenario.


The technical studies relating to the chlorine discharge are currently underway, however once finalised the EES will be made publicly available and you will be able to make a written submission on the EES during the exhibition period. The information we have received is the opinion of independent experts.


While the studies completed to date in the preliminary assessments demonstrate that the impacts to the environment associated with this project will have minimal impact on the environment, an in-depth investigation is being undertaken as part of the Environmental Effects Statement.

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