AGL Employee

Hi Suedwyer,


As Australia and AGL transition to a decarbonised electricity network, the national grid requires backup for periods where intermittent renewables aren’t generating the required supply.


AGL is retiring its fleet of coal fired power stations, with the first closure being Liddell in 2022, then Bayswater in 2035, and Loy Yang A in 2048.


The video I linked you to earlier on our website highlights the issue with achieving renewable powered synchronous electricity – technology is just not there yet. This is also another factor that needs to be planned for in a transition to a fully renewable grid.


When technology develops to a stage where we can deliver fully renewable, reliable and affordable electricity then we will be in a position where we can evaluate the phasing out of gas-powered generation.


In the meantime, we have $1.9 billion worth of energy supply projects under development, with a further $1.5 billion subject to feasibility. This includes new gas-powered generation that is yet to be constructed.