Will AGL receive any project financing from the Victorian or Federal Govt?




Could you please tell me if AGL will be receiving any financing for the Gas Import Jetty project from the Victorian Government or the Federal Government?


Will any public funds be used to pay for any part of the Gas Import Jetty project or the Crib Point-to-Pakenham gas pipeline?


Thank you.

AGL Employee

Hi @cribpoint123,


No it is fully funded by AGL to provide gas to our 1.4million customers so they have a secure gas supply as the looming gas shortage takes hold.


However, because the project will provide a more secure gas supply to all gas customers in the south eastern states some stakeholders may feel that the project should be partially government funded.

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Could you please confirm if APA is seeking public funding from the Victorian or Australian Governments to build the 56km gas pipeline from Crib Point to Pakenham?


APA Employee

Hi @cribpoint123


No. The proposed pipeline and associated facilities from Crib Point to Pakenham would be fully funded by the project proponent.

Madeline, Community Engagement Advisor, APA Group