AGL Employee

Hi @sunflower,


It is not currently not part of AGL’s core business to offer incentives in this way. As a retailer, AGL supplies energy to its customers, it does not facilitate the installation of hot water appliances.


We help our customers reduce their carbon footprint by providing them with the tools to make better decisions on their energy consumption. This includes providing data on which of their appliances are using the most energy through ourEnergy Insights program.


AGL also reaches out to certain customers on our hardship program to help replace some of their more energy intensive appliances. While this does have the benefit of reducing carbon footprint, ultimately the goal is to reduce the hardship customer’s bills.


Currently, the Victorian State government offers rebates of up to $1,000 to eligible households to reduce their expenses and lessen their carbon footprint. It is not in our commercial interests to offer incentives that are already readily available from the state government.