APA Employee

Hi KerryRainer,


We appreciate your concerns about potential spillage.


The Safety Data Sheet for Spotleak 1005 lists the effects on humans if they are exposed.


There would be an average of one odorant truck every two months delivering Mercaptan to the facility. An APA Technician will open the site and supervise the delivery with the work to be undertaken by specialised transport staff. They would be required to wear the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).


The product is handled over a sealed area at all times. The Mercaptan is transported over sealed roads. During transfer (between the truck and the tank) it is handled over a bunded concrete area that is easy to clean.


Although we can’t guarantee a spill/leak would never occur, APA employs the highest standard safety procedures at our odorant injection facilities operating across the country and spills/leaks are rare.




Madeline, Community Engagement Advisor, APA Group