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Having a problem accessing the AGL Energy app or online services? Let us know here!

Having a problem accessing the AGL Energy app or online services? Let us know here!

Data missing usage and feed in


7th, 8th and 9th March 2021 on my phone app shows missing data and AGL estimates which are wrong, Wednesday 10th the system has come good again and is correct. I can cross check my usage and feed-in with the Tesla App so I know those estimates on 7th 8th and 9th are wrong.


What's happened to the missing data?



HI there, 

Yes I have had the same issue occur to me also although my dates were from 6th to the 8th Mar - I now have real data showing prior to and after these dates but estimated data showing for 6-8th Mar which is way out from what was actually produced from my solar system.


I would like to know if anyone has had their missing production reinstated to their AGL app also.  

Where is it and what is being done to reinstate it AGL???


Hi CSF, I contacted AGL on their Twitter account (as advised) - I DM'd them about the estimations being way out.

I uploaded screen shots from my Tesla app for those three missing days, (nothing quite like an independent source of information, Tesla system has its own Current Transformer (CT) sensors in the meter box)

On those three days I used 0.1Kwh of power, each day AGL has my 'estimated' use at 9.81, 7.7 and 7.32 respectively. The algorithm they're using is way way out.


Over to you AGL, pretty ordinary with the smart meter data


Hi Peter,


Did AGL indicate as to a cause to the problem that many appear to be seeing (missing solar production in March)?  

Did they say they were going to reinstate the missing production?


I had an online conversation with an AGL rep who stated they knew about the problem - couldn’t tell me when it was going to fixed.


Yes over to you AGL - get this problem sorted.


It would be interesting to know if this was a local issue IE happened in a particular area.


I am in Hope Valley Sth Aust and missing Production data from 6th to 8th March.


No, no indication, I contacted them on their twitter feed, they said DM us which I've done.

Sounds like to me someone pulled the plug on the smart meter reads for 3 or more days.

Pretty ordinary for a multi billion dollar company but in my case Elon Musk to the rescue with the actual data 🙂


I'm in NSW so looks like it's a widespread malfunction.

Maybe they can get that expert Professor of Electrical Engineering Chris Uhlmann on the job to identify the malfunction, he did such a wonderful job with the SA blackout, wind turbine 'frequency fluctuates with the breeze' <sarcasm font> (never knew what an inverter does)


Ok hi all,


A quick update to say that AGL have finally reinstated my actual Solar production for 6th - 7th and 8th of March.   Hope your production has been reinstated too.

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