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What is the difference between Solar Command Check and Solar Command?

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‎19-11-2020 03:31 PM

Solar Command Check is a daily update, based on your home’s smart meter data for the previous 30 days. It tells you when your system is producing solar energy or if we think there might be a problem. To do this, we estimate your solar energy production, and then compare it against expected production for a system of your size, age, location. We can then provide an indication of its performance. This is only an estimate due to the limited amount of information we have about your system.


We are no longer offering Solar Command to new customers. For existing Solar Command users, Solar Command is a real-time solar monitoring service. It remotely monitors your system’s energy production and household energy usage, calculates your estimated savings, shows how much solar or grid energy you’ve used, and provides this all via a personalised dashboard. If you subscribe to Solar Command, AGL installs a device on your switchboard to read and record the data required to provide you with this insight. Log in to Solar Command here.

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