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How does AGL actively manage my battery to help support grid stability?

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Your battery will use energy management software and inbuilt digital technology to help us intelligently manage your battery.

Most of the time, your battery will discharge power to your home so you don’t need to draw as much energy from the grid.

Occasionally, your battery will be used to provide a local network support or grid stabilising service, for example when there is high demand or instability in the grid. If that happens, your battery will discharge power to the grid, usually at a time when your battery would be discharging anyway. You will receive your standard Retail Feed-in Tariff (RFiT) when energy stored in the battery is exported to the grid.

There may be instances where your battery is charged using energy supplied from the grid. We’ll aim to minimise the impact on your battery performance and potential savings when this occurs. Energy used from the grid will be charged at your contracted energy tariff rate and will be reflected on your AGL electricity bill.

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