Varying solar feed on tariff

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I have been with AGL for 40 years. I have 6.6 kw of solar on the roof. Was forced without choice to be put on a demand rate after having a smart meter fitted again no choice. My solar savers plan gives 10 c kWh for first 14 kWh then 5 cents thereafter.

Last week I visited a friend still in Qld about 45 minutes drive from our house. He tells me he just got solar panels 6.6 kw same as us and I ask him who his provider is he says he has just changed to AGL and gets 15 cents feed in tariff flat rate. I question this and he opens the app and shows me his recent bill. It clearly shows his feed in tariff as 15 cents. He is not on a demand rate between 4-9 pm as we are and had no choice. His daily rate is 2 cents more than ours. Yet I see no plan on AGL for getting 15 cents feed in tariff. So how does this happen. Are there "deals" to be had here? I personally believe we are all being ripped off, this demand rate is a scam. I go on chat to discuss the above and speak to several people who know very little in fact chat is a waste of time as I know more than they do, however one person asks me for my friends account number, I'm sure that's against any rules ... Then another answer from someone else tells me he can offer me a VIP rate that's 12 cents kWh for the first 10 kWh generated and 5 cents thereafter. Well if you just work that part out there is nothing VIP about it and my demand tariff is higher as is my normal rate and supply charge goes up. Besides all that rubbish what on earth is going on here? Made up rates, security issues, I just wanted to know why my mate gets 15 cents and I get 10 cents that's all.

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Yes, SA pays the highest peak usage charge, and lowest feed in.

Probably sue to the low population in comparison in eastern states, and vastness / sparseness of the state infrastructure needs.


My brother in Nth Qld has had solar and battery for a year or so now, yes, his peak usage rate (before the incoming increase) is 33c/khw, and feed in 13c, so the way he's set up he's now a couple of grand in credit !

He only has ONE retailer up there, so go figure how that works, they have a captive market.

We supposedly have competition in SA, yet all retailers here seem to be around the same for usage, supply charge, and feed in, or if someones usage tariffs are less, their supply charge is more, etc.


I can't work out how residential customers are being forced onto demand tariff.

It used to be a choice, but I have read of some businesses being forced onto it (Nth Qld) but not home owners.


What state are you in @Crusty  ?


ALSO, the MUST be some sort of sweetener to go onto a demand tariff, yes ?

I mean, if a retailer is going to penalise all your billing period peak usage via a demand charge back to a mere single 30 min interval of use, to reduce peak demand, there must be an offer of reduced tariff surely ?

Otherwise it's just a penalty, and who would willingly go onto such a tariff ?

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Well that's my point I was told that getting a smart meter which I was told
I would require to get solar installed I would also be put into a demand
rate. When I said I didn't want to go onto a demand rate I was told by Qld
energy regulatory Energex that in time as smart metres are installed
everyone will be out on a demand rate. Is there a sweetener? Nothing is
offered as far as I'm concerned it is just a way for AGL to get more money
out of you. It's an absolute rip off.
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Wow, you'd expect a lower tariff if you commit to reducing peak demand for a retailer / energy supplier, sounds like a rort for sure.

My brother is with Ergon in Nth Qld, not sure what they are doing with forcing demand tariff on people up there.

I'll ask him of he's received anything, he probably won't know, because of his set up he's sort of 'set and forget' his energy costs, which are just going up in credit.

But that could change over time obviously.

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A quick thought, maybe here in SA we aren't being forced onto demand tariff as we already pay 50c for peak kwh usage.

It'd kill many to have to pay more.

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According to the Ergon web site your brother will be getting 12c instead of 13c as from the 1st July.

Ergon is owned by the Qld government is a both a Retailer and Supplier.

Cheers Neil

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That's one thing QLD has done right, keeping the power supply mostly in govco hands.

I'd rather pay exorbitant rates for power to govco than to private enterprise, at least it is supporting the general populace is some way.

But then, govco is so wasteful with whatever funds are incoming, always seem to throw other peoples money at some project or another they dream up.