Sunverge Batteries

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My question I would have thought was super simple but still awaiting a reply. 


'Adelaide is going through a very hot spell and the internal fan does not stop running, 24/7, I do expect it but my question is, there are two fans I can see and feel from the outside, the right hand side one works but the left side may be faulty or whatever but never comes on, ever, should 1 or both be running on days like this?'


When I open the cabinet I don't get a warning or ant contact with Sunverge/AGL as to 'cabinet open', why is this?





24/11/2017 - update


I have to hand it to AGL, their service literally rocks. This same evening, late, AGL arranged to meet me at home and do a site looksee. It looks like the fan on the right brings in the air and the one of the left expels it. Part of the learning is looking at the vents on the left to see they point down so you need to check with your hand or a piece of paper to see that indeed both fans do come on at the same time, are ok till 40C, that's when they are programmed to come on and when air drops to 35C they switch off, so we all learn something, I do hope it helps others who want to know more about the Sunverge.


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