Solar meter installation

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We had solar installed on th 8th of March. Our contractor advised AGL of the forth coming installation a fortnight before the installation when he ordered our solar system.


We live on the far west coast a small town called Bramfield.  I called AGL on the 9th March and was advised  up to 27 days til meter would be put on given no contractor supplying this and told would not be advised when the meter would be installed.  I waited and called AGL again on 16th March and spoke to Donna in digital metering she said Active stream would be installing the meter, they had been advised of our details and would be working in our area from March 8th to March 20th.  She gave me their number 1800775341 I tried calling numerous times and they did not answer.  I called AGL on Monday 19th March and spoke to Maryann, she was very helpful and said she would email Active Stream again and call Active Stream as she had a direct line and get them to call us to let us know when we are scheduled to have our meter installed.  She said they would call back the same day or maybe the next day.  No calls from Active Stream.  I called AGL twice Wednesday 21st March and both times put on hold to be transferred to Active Stream and I gave after waiting so long with no answer and in the process costing me a fortune in calls.


Could you please advise what my next step should be?

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Hey, Jules!


Welcome to the AGL Community!


I'm sorry to hear that you've been sent on a bit of a loop here between our Digital Metering team and Active Stream! If you can send me a private message including your AGL account number and email address, we'll be happy to follow up on this and get some answers for you!


Kind regards,



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Hi Jules,

My advise would be to not hold your breath.

We live in Qld and are going through a similar situation at the moment.

We had our solar installed in early January and are still waiting for our meter to be connected.

It took AGL almost a month after recieveing all required paperwork to send a 27 day notice via sms that the meter will be connected, now at the end of march i have been advised by an AGL staff member that it could be another month before Active Stream are able to connect the meter. From what i could find, Active Stream has been sold off by AGL so really have no control over what they do.

Its seems odd that AGL can't resolve my connection until just about the time my next billing period starts. Pretty con.venient for them.

Good luck with it all, but as soon as i'm connected ill be switching energy providers.

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We are building with Distinctive Homes at Seaford Meadows SA and have had the same run around with AGL and wondering whether you can provide us with an installation date for our smart meter to be installed by Active Stream. We are getting very close to residing at our new address.


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I'm currently have problems with getting the meter upgraded after having a solar system installed on our house. Does anyone know how I can get this done 

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Hi Sally77,


You can arrange this by getting in touch with our Solar New Connections team on 1800 680 430.


Kind regards,



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jayden I've aready called them it very frustrating all I want is to start saving & no-one seems to want to help