Solar generation monitoring

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Energy retailers across the country provide their customers with data on their solar production daily but it appears that AGL does NOT, unless you wait for the bill to arrive or you use the raw data exported by the meter at 30 minute intervals. Data that us pretty much useless unless you have advanced spreadsheet knowledge and experience to write formulas to make the info readable.


For 3 years I have been trying to get AGL to show my solar production figures online along with my power consumption but no . . . that's all too hard for AGL! Lots of promises like "We're working on it" or "We have had a technical glitch", lots of bull**bleep** excuses.


Finally, today they got back to me to say that raw spreadsheet data is all that they provide.


Oh . . . but if I want to PAY $15 a month they'll make the data available in a pretty graph, something that any decent energy provider does as a matter of course.


What utter BULLSH1T! Take Solar Command and stick it where the sun don't shine!


Time to switch energy providers cuz AGL wants mushrooms for customers, kept in the dark and fed on bullsh1t!