Solar feed in tariff announcement

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Has AGL announced what they will be prepared to pay as solar feed in tariff from 1st July 2018? I know recently that AGL offered a deal of 20c FIT which looked good but didn't add up when I found out I had to forgo any discount I currently get for paying my bill on time. Will AGL just offer offer peak or will they also offer time of day options?

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You use the tool found in this link to determine how the price changes that will take effect from 1/7/2018 will impact you. Your eligibility for a 'Time of Use' tariff is dependent on which type of meter you have at your property. If you'd like to check your eligibility, we encourage you to get in touch with our web chat team here.


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Mr bilby I found that too. I rang agl,found that if I went onto solar saver with 20c FIT I would lose pay on time discount. Not happy. Seeing how mu next bill goes.

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Hi Chris24, I'm not sure what your discount is but it costs me roughly twice as much to import as what I get when I export. If I had good sun all year round then I'd go with the 20 cent feed in offer, but I get a lot of shade in the Winter months so after doing the maths I'm better off sticking with the pay on time discount over big FIT. Do the maths yourself to prove it if you have at least twelve months worth of solar data to use.